Career Planning Meditation

Career Planning and Decision-making

Making career choices can be a young woman’s most daunting challenge. Women entering college or preparing for a career often encounter perplexing issues—further complicated by familial and societal expectations. When decision-making becomes overwhelming, we need a way to transcend the sphere of complexities and outer influences and hear our own inner voice.

Developing intuition and foresight

Diving deep within during the Transcendental Meditation technique and accessing the silent reservoir of creativity, intelligence and knowingness, a woman gains steadiness and certainty in herself. With regular TM practice, one cultures more orderly and efficient brain functioning, more refined perception and clearer intuition. The ability to know truth and follow our instincts spontaneously develops as accumulated stress is released from the nervous system and higher consciousness grows.

With so much emphasis on achieving status and success through career choices, we often overlook that happiness, stability and compassion are just as important as our skill set.

Strengthening character and clarity

Whether we are looking to find purpose in life’s ever changing circumstances or seeking a clear purpose to dedicate our life to, having a practice for developing enlightened consciousness will naturally wake up our inner compass and sense of right direction.

Enlightened women of all ages exemplify the strength of feminine power in diverse roles—spiritual leaders, mothers, scientists, teachers, business professionals, civil servants and artists. Though their careers differ, what they commonly exemplify is their unconditional love, unswerving dedication to their goals, the ability to unite and nourish, to use their keen intellect and creativity without harm to others and make any situation flourish through their wisdom.

More Benefits in Education

  • 21% increase in high school graduation rate
    Education 133 (4): 495-500, 2013
  • 10% improvement in test scores and GPA
    Education 131: 556–565, 2011
  • Increased attendance and decreased suspensions for high school students
    Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 1:10, 2003
  • Increased intelligence and creativity
    Intelligence 29: 419-440, 2001
  • 40% reduction in psychological distress, including stress, anxiety and depression
    American Journal of Hypertension 22(12): 1326-1331, 2009
  • Reduced ADHD symptoms and symptoms of other learning disorders
    Mind & Brain: The Journal of Psychiatry 2 (1): 73-81, 2011

Relevant Scientific Research Findings on the Transcendental Meditation program

  • Clearer thinking
  • Increased self-actualization
  • Improved brain functioning
  • Decreased anxiety

Increased Satisfaction Meditation
Executives and employees practicing TM showed increased professional and personal satisfaction in comparison to controls. Anxiety, Stress and Coping: An International Journal 6: 245-262, 1993.

Increased Self Concept Meditation
Those practicing the TM technique developed a more strongly defined sense of self-concept, in comparison to controls. British Journal of Psychology 73: 57-68, 1982.