Enlightenment Meditation


Throughout the ages, the spiritual life has been considered hard to attain. Without a technique of meditation for experiencing pure consciousness with ease, spirituality has been sought mainly through acts of goodness and charity, by adopting a spiritual attitude, or through austerities such as detachment and denial of the world.

The TM technique is a practice that doesn’t require forsaking worldly involvement or material comforts to enjoy spiritual enrichment. Living a spiritual life need not require renunciation. An enlightened state of awareness can maintain serenity spontaneously, even in the midst of worldly enjoyment or dynamic activity.

Natural development of consciousness

Unfortunately, the goal of many great traditions of enlightenment has, over time, been mistaken for the path, leaving well-intentioned seekers straining to create a contrived attitude of equanimity or mindfulness. The qualities of detachment, mindfulness, and lack of expectation often strived for in the name of spirituality are attributes of an enlightened state of consciousness, not the path to it.

A revival of this effortless path of spirituality—the Transcendental Meditation program—allows pure, enlightened consciousness to be naturally cultivated through daily experience of the Transcendent, not through forcing the mind, suffering, or attempting to act spiritual. Enlightenment, the full awakening of human consciousness is everyone’s birthright, and with daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, spiritual growth becomes simple and easy.

Increased Self Actualization Meditation
Statistical meta-analysis indicated TM practice increased self-actualization by three times as much as procedures of contemplation, concentration, or other techniques. Journal of Social Behavior and Personality6: 189-248, 1991