Transcendental Meditation Esteem Girls

Building Self-esteem in Girls

Young women today are feeling more conflicted and concerned about their image and self-worth than ever before. According to a Harvard study, The Real Truth about Beauty, “when girls feel bad about their looks, 70 percent disconnect from life, avoiding normal activities like attending school or even giving their opinion.”1

Self esteem from within

From a very young age, our culture spurs women to evaluate themselves in terms of outer appearance and status. The Transcendental Meditation technique helps build self-confidence from within. When a young girl meditates, she experiences deeper levels of her mind and heart—levels of her self that are teeming with intelligence, creativity, happiness and energy. At the same time, the deep relaxation gained during the TM technique reduces stress and anxiety. Unfolding one’s inner Being naturally increases flexibility, social skills and self-worth.

Peer pressure

Young women, who find self-approval from within, rather than seeking it mostly from the outside, are less influenced by peer pressure. Transcendental Meditation is a valuable tool for any young woman as she matures, better preparing her for the stresses and challenges of adulthood.

Inspiring confidence

Jess Weiner, author of A Very Hungry Girl, points out: “Girls of all ages overwhelmingly report that they still value their mothers over celebrities and supermodels as their number-one source of inspiration. Moms and mentors across America, here’s an invitation to you: Own that special relationship with the young girl in your life and start taking simple actions to build her self-esteem.”

TM practice goes hand in hand with the nourishing attention a girl receives from her mother or other caring adults in her life.

Easy for children

Girls can learn the Transcendental Meditation technique as early as age ten, and there is a special children’s meditation for younger girls. Both techniques are easy and effortless to practice and do not involve concentration or controlled attention.

Scientific research

Research on students who practice the TM technique has shown improved academic performance, increased memory and heightened creativity. As students grow in happiness and intelligence, they naturally grow in confidence and self-esteem.

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Increased Esteem Meditation
Students who learned the TM technique showed increased self-esteem after 14 weeks, in contrast to control students. Dissertation Abstracts International38(7): 3372B-3373B, 1978.

Increased Academic Meditation
Students who learned the TM technique were found to increase significantly after three months in scores on mathematics and language (English) in comparison to controls. Education 131: 556-564, 2011.