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Learning the Transcendental Meditation technique

The TM technique is taught in a seven-step course. Afterward, a lifetime follow-up program is available to ensure maximum benefit.

  1. Introductory Lecture
    This free 30-45 minute lecture explains how the subtler states of thought and deep rest experienced during TM practice give rise to a wide range of benefits. We highlight the scientific research on the program and outline the course requirements.
    VIDEO: Watch Intro Now
  2. Preparatory Lecture
    This free 30-45 minute lecture discusses the mechanics that make the Transcendental Meditation program effortless. We explain the origin of the technique and how it differs from other types of meditation.
  3. Personal Interview
    This free private 5-10 minute interview at the end of the preparatory lecture is an opportunity to ask a trained teacher personal questions about learning.
  4. 4-7. Course of Instruction
    These 60-90 minute classes are held on four consecutive days or evenings. Once these steps are completed, the practitioner is self-sufficient and begins to experience results. Benefits are cumulative with regular meditation.

Worldwide lifetime follow up

A comprehensive lifetime follow-up program is available free of charge to everyone who has completed the course of instruction. In our Transcendental Meditation centers throughout the world, one will be able to see a teacher regularly to verify the correctness of practice, to participate in refresher courses to review instruction, and to attend advanced lectures in order to learn more about the development of consciousness as benefits evolve.

Course fee

In the United States, where we are a non-profit educational organization, the fee includes the course as well as the lifetime worldwide follow-up program.

Adult TM course Fee:
four $240 monthly payments
or one payment of $960​

Married or Cohabitating Couples:
four $420 monthly payments
or one payment of $1680

Aged Ten through Graduate Students:
four $95 monthly payments
or one payment of $380

We also offer various group rates, professional rates for military, veterans, and health professionals, and corporate rates, as well as partial grants for those in great financial difficulty.

​In Canada, where we are a non-profit educational organization, the course fee (not including tax) is $1310 for adults, $655 for full-time students, and $2145 for couples.

Physiological Requirement

To derive maximum from your TM instruction, there is a requirement of abstinence from non-prescribed recreational drugs for fifteen days up to the day of instruction and twenty-four hours abstinence from alcoholic beverages.

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VIDEO Introductory presentation on the principles of the Transcendental Meditation program (29:53)

Compare meditation techniques

This simple, natural meditation has been rigorously studied by science and has been found to produce a unique style of brain functioning and deep relaxation not found in other practices. For a comparison of the Transcendental Meditation program with Mindfulness, Zen, Guided Meditation and others practices, please click here.

Financial Aid

Due to the non-profit nature of the TM Program, anyone who wants to learn should be able to learn. If you or someone you know has difficulty paying the course fee, grants and payment plans may be available. Please inquire with your local certified TM instructor.

Find a Certified Teacher:

Certified Teachers of the Transcendental Meditation technique offer TM courses in many cities around the world. To attend a free introductory lecture, contact us.