Increase Creativity Meditation

The TM Technique Increases Creativity

The Transcendental Meditation technique allows anyone to effortlessly fathom the depths of heart and mind—tapping the wellspring of creative intelligence within.

Being creative doesn’t mean we have to be a poet, artist or musician. A mother draws on her creative energies to satisfy a child’s imagination or prepare a delicious meal. An entrepreneur relies on her creative decision-making and innovations.

Whether we meet life’s challenges as obstacles or as opportunities can depend on how resourceful we are.

But many women feel their creative spirit is consumed by routine work or demands of home and family. Creativity can become cramped by excessive tiredness, worries, anxiety, and stress.

Consciousness and creativity

During twice-daily TM practice, the mind settles inward and transcends busy or agitated levels of thinking—fathoming deeper fields of consciousness that are teeming with unbounded creative energy. The profound relaxation gained during TM practice refreshes mind, body, and spirit, while releasing stress, dullness and fatigue that block creative expression.

Where does creativity come from?

Those of us intimately involved with the creative process may experience that the best ideas come from deep inside us. A flash of genius can be a mere, abstract feeling that bubbles up from quiet depths, containing the seed of a powerful, energetic idea.

By opening awareness to subtler realms of experience, TM practice sharpens your perception and fascination with life, freeing you to explore and discover. When the mind and emotions are clear and sensitive, they more easily capture the finer currents of creativity.

Finding your inner muse

A woman thrives when she is connected to her innate, divine feminine energy. Transcending allows you to directly access your feminine spirit in its essence—at the source of thought. A dynamic, resourceful life needs inner silence and bliss to neutralize daily stress and maintain creative flow. Otherwise stress can accumulate and overshadow that tender connection with our innermost self, frustrating our creative endeavors.

Twice-daily TM practice keeps you attuned to that inner source, promoting spontaneity, originality, and freedom of expression. You feel more alive—playing in the field of all possibilities.

Relevant Scientific Research Findings on the Transcendental Meditation program

  • Increased creativity and intelligence
  • Improved problem solving
  • Increased use of brain reserves
  • Broader comprehension, improved focus

Increase Creativity Meditation

Individuals practicing TM showed increased creativity, higher levels of pictorial flexibility and verbal fluency in comparison to controls. The Journal of Creative Behavior 13: 169-180, 1979.

Increase Creativity Meditation

Those practicing the TM technique showed greater participation of the whole brain in response to a stimulus. Human Physiology 25: 171-180, 1999.