Happiness Meditation

Benefits of TM: Emotions

“Just a few sittings of Transcendental Meditation will reveal to you what a wealth of bliss, what a wealth of happiness, what a wealth of Being you are. So begin to live your inner reality…”


Inner Happiness

Women have greater freedom, education and career opportunities than ever before, yet recent studies reveal that women are becoming increasingly less happy and are more susceptible to anxiety and depression.

Temporary joys of life

Perhaps our unhappiness results from too much emphasis on material, temporary joys and neglect of the inner life. Many of us, in our attempt to have it all, are overloaded with demands of work, home and relationships and find there is seldom time for the experience of joy to well up on its own.

Transcendent source of happiness

Deep within, beyond thought, is the most settled state of awareness, a reservoir of creativity, intelligence and happiness. This field is said to be transcendental because it is not ordinarily available to the active, conscious mind.

The direct experience of this expansive consciousness satisfies our ceaseless quest for happiness and infuses joy into all our perceptions. To experience it and unfold it in our lives, we must dive deep within.

TM refreshes the mind

During TM practice, our attention goes beyond the surface thinking mind and settles inward to experience restful alertness. In this state, the body gains profound relaxation, allowing deep-rooted tensions and anxieties to melt away, rejuvenating mind and body. The brain begins to function with greater coherence and efficiency, supporting a heightened, more expansive state of awareness.

Washing away stress

Accumulated stress in the nervous system clouds and restricts our awareness and keeps us from being who we truly are. There are many approaches to stress management that help people cope. The TM technique does not merely help us manage our anxieties and frustrations, it releases or dissolves the stresses through deep rest.

Experiencing happiness in the moment

With regular practice of the TM technique, women experience that they spontaneously find more happiness in the moment. With mind and emotions refreshed, a woman is naturally more present and engaged—and more available for others.

“TM nourishes me. It makes me more of myself. It uncovers my essence as a woman and supports me to radiate love and happiness. This daily practice has made me powerful and able to achieve my highest goals effortlessly—and by effortlessly I mean with the least time and a lot of support from the environment.”
Sara Naboulsi


Relevant Scientific Research Findings on the Transcendental Meditation program

  • Decreased depression
  • Increased autonomy
  • Improved psychological health
  • Heightened restful alertness

Decreased Depression Meditation

University students who learned the TM technique showed decreased depression after three months practice, in contrast to students who did not learn. Journal of Instructional Psychology 22: 308-319, 1995.

Increased Self Actualization

Statistical meta-analysis indicated that TM practice increased self-actualization by three times as much as procedures of contemplation, concentration, and other techniques. Journal of Social Behavior and Personality6: 189-248, 1991.