Nurses Talk About Transcendental Meditation

Written endorsements

Jacqueline Lopez Gregory

“As a trauma nurse for over twenty years, I have experienced many medical emergencies. Before I learned TM, the effects of these stressful experiences could sometimes last for days. When I began my PhD program, the added stress—on top of all my other responsibilities—was almost overwhelming. None of the stress-coping methods I’d practiced throughout my professional career was adequate. However, since learning TM, I’ve noticed that I am focused and calm during emergencies and am able to resume work without residual stress. TM has improved my memory and learning ability and enabled me to succeed as a mother, PhD student, trauma nurse, and researcher.”

Barb Ferrari

RN, Wellness and Prevention, Chicago south suburbs hospital, Personal Trainer
“I learned TM last year and it has enhanced my life. My energy & creativity is higher. I also feel a steady state of calm. It’s the most rewarding self-care habit I have learned!”

Christy Schmerer

“I have always had an interest in, or have believed in, and sought to achieve, an enhanced sense of spirituality, calmness and grace. Many would simply see this as feeling relaxed and unencumbered. In any case, who doesn’t want to achieve a true sense of self, a state of rest and enlightenment? But who has the time to figure out how to achieve this with our currently overwhelming lives? Who can fit in one more thing?

Thankfully, a current TM-er (fellow nurse) turned me onto the magic! When she noticed how interested I was in learning Transcendental Meditation, and that I was seeking what TM could offer, she simply helped arrange for me to take the course.

Learning and practicing TM did not add “one more thing,” nor further overwhelm my life–conversely, it has granted me the inner strength to take things as they come. TM has allowed me to focus, prioritize, create time for myself, feel less stressed and overwhelmed, provided a sense of calm, allowed me to be more patient, and somehow increased the time I have to accomplish what I need and want. These achievements in personal growth have allowed me to be more productive in both my personal and work life! Never would I have imagined that something so beautifully complex could be so simple to achieve! I am so thankful.”

Mary-Ann Rich

RN, Col. U.S. Army (ret.), MS candidate, UC-San Francisco School of Nursing
“TM gives me the boost I need to start and get on with my day, like the benefit of coffee without side effects. When I have a stressful schedule, TM calms me down. Balancing the demands of graduate school, clinical rotations, and family responsibilities can be extraordinarily challenging—TM has made this possible. It’s a tool that I rely on to strengthen me daily and especially during difficult times.”