Relieve Anxiety Meditation

Benefits of TM: Emotions

Anxiety and stomach distress disappear with TM (1:14)

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Relieving Anxiety

The Transcendental Meditation technique significantly reduces anxiety by calming the nervous system and providing the experience of profound inner peace.

Experts say that, both physically and emotionally, women are more vulnerable to stress than men and recover more slowly—and are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety. Whether caring for the concerns of family or pursuing a career, many women have a tendency to become overwhelmed by pressure and worries, leading to chronic anxiety.

We may also blame our modern lifestyle: multitasking, caffeine, traffic, cell phones, television, computers, staying up late—all of which can over-stimulate the nervous system and keep us on edge.

Research: TM most effective at reducing anxiety

The TM technique allows the mind to effortlessly settle inward beyond worries and agitation. The body gains a deep state of relaxation and the mind becomes more serene. The whole physiology spontaneously shifts into a more balanced, harmonious style of functioning that is the extreme opposite of the stress response. Biochemicals in the bloodstream associated with tension and anxiety—such as cortisol and plasma lactate—are significantly reduced, and the brain functions with greater coherence. See recent study on anxiety.

More than relaxation

Yet the TM technique gives you much more than relaxation. TM allows the mind to transcend—to experience increasingly quieter, more settled states of awareness until the mind goes beyond thought and arrives at its deepest, most peaceful state: pure consciousness, the source of thought, one’s innermost Self.

During this state of restful alertness, anxiety is transcended as the mind accesses inner reserves of energy, creativity and intelligence. One comes out of meditation feeling refreshed, rejuvenated. Worries are less. Mind and emotions are more clear and at ease. Life itself is more fulfilling.

Over time, TM practice stimulates rapid personal growth. Overcoming anxiety and gaining strength and resilience from within, you become the woman you always wished you could be.

“The Transcendental Meditation technique helps promote mental and emotional well-being. It has especially helped my patients with depression, anxiety, and insomnia.” —Veronica Butler, M.D., author of A Woman’s Best Medicine

Relevant Scientific Research Findings on the Transcendental Meditation program

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased calmness
  • Decreased depression
  • Reduced symptoms of PTSD
  • Decreased insomnia

Decreased Anxiety Meditation

A meta-analysis found that the TM technique is significantly more effective in reducing trait anxiety than procedures of concentration or contemplation and other techniques. Journal of Clinical Psychology 45: 957-974, 1989.

Increased Calmness

Individuals who practiced the TM technique showed significantly increased skin resistance during the practice, in contrast to controls. Skin resistance is an electrophysiological measure of calmness or restfulness. Physiology & Behavior 35: 591-595, 1985.