Manage Weight Meditation

Weight Management and the TM technique

Achieving our ideal weight goes hand in hand with balancing emotions. As women face mounting stressors related to career, relationships and family life, it can become increasingly difficult for them to always eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle. For a person under stress, there’s more of a tendency to overeat, zone out in front of the TV or neglect proper exercise and sleep.

Overeating: a food problem or a life problem?

Poor eating habits often develop as a coping mechanism or a way to numb emotional distress. The Transcendental Meditation technique is an effective tool for stress reduction and healing emotional dysfunction, which often underlies compulsive eating. The profound, coherent state of relaxation gained during the TM technique relieves anxiety and dissolves deep-rooted stress, indicated by such measures as decreased cortisol and plasma lactate. Studies also show decreased depression and neuroticism, along with reduced hypertension.

TM practice balances emotions and gives us clarity about what is best for us—providing the inner strength to follow the weight loss program and health regime of our choice.

Contentment instead of gratification

The natural state of peace and happiness that develops with TM practice creates an inner contentment that nourishes our heart and mind. Finding fulfillment within ourselves, we’re not so driven to find instant sensory gratification through outer means, such as unhealthy eating habits.

Making the connection: meditation and the brain

Scientists have been studying the effects of the TM technique on the brain for over 40 years. The neurological changes found to take place during the TM technique strengthen the communication between all parts of the brain. This pattern of synchrony and order is associated with clarity of awareness, inner calm and improved mental performance.

Unhealthy eating habits are rooted in mind and emotions. By dissolving stress, improving our brain functioning and balancing mind and emotions, the TM technique addresses the underlying cause.

TM practice alone is not a magic bullet. But it is a very effective tool to reestablish balance in our lives, which in turn helps us normalize weight and maintain it at the level that’s healthiest for us.

Relevant Scientific Research Findings on the Transcendental Meditation program

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased self-sufficiency
  • Normalization of weight
  • Improved psychological health

Decrease Anxiety Meditation

A meta-analysis found that the TM technique is significantly more effective in reducing trait anxiety than procedures of concentration or contemplation and other techniques. Journal of Clinical Psychology 45: 957-974, 1989.

Those who practice the TM technique showed more rapid physiological recovery (measured by galvanic skin resistance) from the stress. Psychosomatic Medicine 35: 341–349, 1973.

Those who practice the TM technique showed more rapid physiological recovery (measured by galvanic skin resistance) from stress. Psychosomatic Medicine 35: 341-349, 1973.