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What is The Transcendental Meditation (TM®) technique?

The TM technique is a simple, natural, enjoyable process done sitting comfortably with closed eyes.

What happens during the TM technique?

Our mind effortlessly settles to quieter levels of thinking, tapping the inner reservoir of creativity and intelligence at its silent depths. Simultaneously the body gains deep rest and releases accumulated stress and tension.

What happens afterward?

After meditation, we feel relaxed and rejuvenated and our awareness is infused with greater clarity, brilliance and calm.


Here’s what TM can increase

  • Energy (there is an energy crisis–yours!)
  • Good memory and higher IQ
  • Better grades, creativity and alertness
  • HAPPINESS!!—and less moodiness
  • More tolerance
  • Calmness
  • Clearer thinking and focus (so you can stay awake in class and when studying)
  • Better sleep. FINALLY.
  • Confidence and self-esteem and being the best of who you are.

Here’s what TM can reduce

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Depression
  • Reliance on pills and alcohol and other substances you won’t desire anymore (because you will start to FEEL GOOD without them)
  • Anger
  • Mental and physical rigidity
  • Pent-up emotions
  • Symptoms of ADHD (meditate or medicate?)


How TM helps with self esteem

  • The TM technique builds self-confidence and self-worth because when we meditate, we find that we are full inside—we are, in fact, INFINITE.
  • During the meditation, the deep relaxation (deeper than a nap) reduces our stress and anxiety.
  • Experiencing our inner Being, a field of intelligence and creativity and fullness, naturally increases social skills.


Peer pressure

You know it’s true: when we are secure in ourselves, we’re less concerned about approval from others and less influenced by peer pressure. The TM practice increases self-actualization—you get the picture.

“TM helps me take care of myself: it helps me feel centered and be in touch with myself and my feelings in a world that sometimes seems to insist that we feel otherwise.”
– Lola Kirke, Winner, 2015 Cannes Film Festival Chopard Trophy; actress: best known for Gone Girl, Mozart in the Jungle, The Leftovers

Self esteem from within

If you watch tv or movies, read magazines, or even just live in the modern world, you know that our culture causes us to evaluate ourselves by our appearance and status.
According to a Harvard study, The Real Truth about Beauty, “when girls feel bad about their looks, 70 percent disconnect from life, avoiding normal activities like attending school or even giving their opinion.” TMers experience increased self-esteem.



TM practice makes reaction time faster, increases mind body coordination, gives you wide comprehension with the ability to focus sharply, and of great importance–increases energy and stamina.

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College women report higher levels of anxiety and psychological distress than male college students. Brain researcher Dr. Fred Travis found that the TM technique helps students overcome physical and emotional stress and reverses the negative effects of stress on the brain. He also said, “TM activates the brain’s pre-frontal areas, which are responsible for planning, foresight and decision-making.”


Awaken higher consciousness:

Albert Einstein estimated that he was using less than 15% of his mental capacity, so even if you’re an Einstein, there’s a lot more brain power and consciousness to be had—here’s how:

Daily TM practice allows you to develop higher consciousness—to awaken intuition, creative vision and inner happiness. This has been demonstrated by brain research on students doing TM!

TM increases student graduation rates

Published research has shown that after learning the TM technique, students around the world had better grades, better attendance, better sleep and overall improvement in academic achievement.
A study published in the June 2013 issue of the journal Education showed that students practicing the TM technique had a 25% higher graduation rate than non-meditating students.

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The brain and behavior

The process of quieting the mind and body through the TM technique increases coherence between the two hemispheres and the front and the back parts of the brain.

According to neuropsychologist Dr. William Stixrud, “As a result, children are simply less impulsive. They get in trouble less; they act without thinking less; they can better inhibit the tendency to get distracted.”

Developing intuition and foresight

Women entering college or preparing for a career often encounter perplexing issues. When decision-making becomes overwhelming, we need a way to transcend the outer influences and hear our own inner voice.
The TM practice cultures more orderly efficient brain functioning which produces refined perception, improved cognition, and clearer intuition. The ability to recognize truth and follow our instincts develops as higher consciousness grows. TM strengthens our inner compass to help us define our purpose and passions in life’s ever changing circumstances.


School bullying

The Transcendental Meditation technique offers promising, measurable results for increasing empathy, compassion and tackling the stressors that give rise to bullying. The (US) National Center for Educational Statistics estimates that one third of students ages 12-18 are bullied at school and online. Bullying behavior is a symptom of an underlying cause: an epidemic of stress in our homes, schools and society. TM reduces s-t-r-e-s-s.

Helping victims of bullying

TM practice can also help strengthen children that are potential victims of bullying by building self-esteem and resilience to stress. And it increases mind-body coordination and gives you faster reaction time, so you can ‘think on your feet’ and deal.

Watch the TEDX video: Women and Girls with PTSD


The Transcendental Meditation program in schools

In hundreds of public and private schools throughout the U.S. and around the world, students have the option to practice the Transcendental Meditation technique.
A recent study conducted by the University of Connecticut found students in three high schools had reduced levels of stress, anxiety, hyperactivity, and emotional problems when practicing the TM technique over a period of four months at school, as compared with non-meditating controls.


Learn about Maharishi University of Management where everyone meditates: A film made by the students

VIDEO Enjoy “A Student Film: What Makes MUM Unique?” (13:22)


Learning and doing the Transcendental Meditation technique is easy.

An easy fit for student life

  • Takes only 15-20 minutes twice a day.
  • Requires no belief or philosophy.
  • Requires no lifestyle changes.
  • Easy to do. Period.
  • Easy to learn (If a ten year old can learn—and plenty do—you can too.)
Samples of research on TM and teens


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