What is the Transcendental Meditation technique?

Transcendental Meditation is an effortless technique that allows your mind to settle inward, beyond thinking, to experience pure awareness—the most silent and peaceful level of the mind, your innermost Self.

The technique is practiced for twenty minutes twice-daily, sitting comfortably with eyes closed. Simple, natural and easy to learn, it¬†doesn’t require clearing your mind of thoughts or concentrating. It’s so¬†effortless, within just a few minutes anyone can¬†transcend or go beyond worries and agitation.

A preparation for activity

Adding¬†TM practice to your daily routine, morning and evening, more than¬†makes up for the time it takes to meditate. The TM technique refreshes a woman’s busy or¬†over-stimulated mind. Girls practicing the technique do better at school, women become more empowered—in their professions and their day-to-day life.

Clinical research

Numerous peer-reviewed studies¬†and scientific reviews have shown that regular TM practice leads to a wide range of¬†personal benefits—decreased anxiety and depression, improved memory and clearer thinking, reduced high blood pressure decreased illness, longer lifespan and¬†more harmonious relationships.

How does TM work?

During the TM technique, the mind and body gain deep, restorative¬†rest—much deeper than ordinary relaxation, as indicated by reduced cortisol and plasma lactate (major indicators of stress). The healing rest gained in each sitting of the TM technique allows emotional, mental and physical stress to wash away—improving overall health, well-being and behavior.

Perfect for women

TM practice¬†creates a safe haven within that cannot be¬†replicated in the outside world. It¬†helps women “regroup within” and multi-task¬†with¬†greater ease and focus—beyond the¬†frenzied pace that so often characterizes our lives. It helps young women¬†deal with challenges and insecurities of adolescence, peer¬†pressure, and self-image.¬†And it benefits women who may be dealing with a serious illness, eating disorders¬†or depression. It is the key to effortless¬†serenity—a respite from the¬†rollercoaster of life and a new avenue for self-care and spiritual growth.